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1.Tess innocently believed that she is a relative of Alex’s, who found the situation amusing.

A. far B. distant C. remote D. faraway

2.As the prime minister could not get the approval from the parliament for his new budget plan, he the parliament and called for a new election.

A. dissolved B. dismissed C. dispersed D. scattered

3.The Russian authorities promised to retrieve the of the sunken submarine but said it would take more than a month.

A. ruins B. remains C. remnants D. wrecks

4.Bob did not want to make a fool of himself at the ball, because he knew that when it came to dance, he was really .

A. silly B. foolish C. stupid D. clumsy

5.Owing to the complaints from the local communities about the filthy environment, the parliament intended to set up new regulations to get rid of such bad habits as spitting.

A. healthy B. hygienic C. sanitary D. wholesome

6.Iraq will definitely be a (an) in the 2004 general election, but Bush was very upset as things in Iraq were getting from bad to worse.

A. problem B. question C. issue D. point

7.The president was worried because it would trigger off a new round of armament if both sides were not cautious enough.

A. contest B. competition C. match D. race

8.Jane can double her body up and do many stunts with her body.

A. supple B. dexterous C. soft D. tender

9.She seemed to have everything: family, money and beauty but she was not satisfieD. She said to her husband that what she lacked was a sense of .

A. completion B. fulfillment C. finish D. conclusion

10.To his agony and surprise, the person he thought had killed his brother was not at the court as the defendant produced evidence of alibi.

A. accused B. charged C. convicted D. condemned

11. The rock down the hill hit the girl and hurt her right leg.

A. falling B. fell C. was falling D. to fall

12. He was pleased to see the girl very much his dead wife.

A. being resembled B. resembled C. being resembled D. resembling

13. Anyone the lost document should hand it to the police immediately.

A. stealing B. having stolen C. stole D. being stole

14. Sam approached to knock at the door and found sat near the mat.

A. the crying boy of the neighbor’s

B. the neighbor’s boy who was crying

C. the cried boy of his neighbor’s

D. the being crying boy of the neighbor’s

15. For further information he refers the reader to the article.

A. above-mentioned B. having mentioned

C. mentioned D. being mentioned

16. The soldiers were getting ready to move forward a deafening explosion burst out at their rear.

A. since B. when C. as soon as D. while

7. The ship will continue to sink the sailors can stop the water gushing in from the hole.

A. when B. unless C. if D. while

18. In an effort to attract foreign tourists the local government put in a hug sum of money to historical monuments in the region.

A. refresh B. rejuvenate C. renew D. restore

19. All his associates knew what to do in such a case; they just stayed away and let his fury run its . In a couple of hours the old man would be all smiles as usual.

A. course B. way C. route D. road

20. Under the pressure of popular protests the old dictator was forced to the power and finally left the country.

A. relinquish B. resign C. yield D. waive



a distant relative:远房亲戚,固定用法。

2. A

dissolve:to formally end a parliament, business arrangement, marriage etC.解散〔议会〕;解除〔商业协定、婚姻关系等〕

dismiss:to tell someone that they are allowed to go, or are no longer needed让…离开,解散。

例子:The class was dismissed early today. 今天这个班级提早放学。


例子:Police used tear gas to disperse the crowD. 警察用催泪瓦斯驱散人群。


The sound of gunfire made the crowd scatter in all directions. 枪声使人群四散奔逃。

3. D

wreck:a car, plane, or train that has been damaged very badly, especially in a crash〔尤指事故中〕遭严重毁坏的汽车[飞机,火车]


remain 表示(人的) 遗体;(动物的) 残骸。

remnant:a small part of something that remains after the rest of it has been used, destroyed, or eaten残余部分,剩余部分,一般用复数。

4. D


5. C





well-balanced wholesome meals:营养均衡的健康餐

6. C


question表示有答案可解决的问题,如台湾问题:Taiwan Question。



7. D

armament race表示军备竞赛,固定用法。

8. A





例:My arm is still tender where I bruised it. 我手臂撞伤的地方仍然一碰就疼。

9. B

sense of fulfillment表示成就感、充实感。

10. C


11. A


12. D

girl和resemble之间是主动关系,相当于the girl who resembles,所以用现在分词。

13. b

根据句意,应该是“偷了文件的人应立即将其交给警察”,所以应该是完成的动作,要用having stolen。

14. b


15. a


16. b


17. b

表示一种假设的条件,除非…。gush in表示涌入。

18. d

restore的英文释义:to repair an old building, piece of furniture, or painting etc so that it is in its original condition,表示修复旧建筑、旧家具或旧画等;

refresh表示使恢复精力,refresh sb’s memory:唤起某人的记忆;

rejuvenate的英文释义:to make something work much better or become much better again,表示“使〔某事物〕变得更有活力;使〔某事物〕恢复活力”;


19. a

run one’s course为固定搭配,表示“走完应走的历程”、“顺其自然地发展”。

20. a

relinquish的英文释义:to let someone else have your position, power, or rights, especially unwillingly,〔尤指不情愿地〕放弃,交出〔职位、权力、权利〕;

resign的英文释义:to officially announce that you have decided to leave your job or an organization,辞职;放弃〔工作或职位〕;

yield的英文释义:to allow yourself to be forced or persuaded to do something or stop having something,屈从;让步;被迫同意;

waive的英文释义:to state officially that a right, rule etC. can be ignored宣布放弃〔权利〕;宣布取消〔规则等〕。



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