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考研英语 须备谚语与成语(二)

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33、全国无不散之筵席 the best of friends must part.

34、经一事长一智 it's easy to wise after the event.

35、少说少错 least said soonest mended.

36、诚实为上策 honesty is the best policy.

37、切莫功败垂成 never do things by halves.

38、集腋成裘 many a little makes a mickle.

39、人人为我我为人人 all for me, one for all.

40、考虑便是了解 to think is to see.

41、时刻便是生命 time is life.

42、个人力气,微乎其微 one man, no man.

43、学习时学习,文娱时文娱 study while you study, play while play.

44、没有学问便是瞎子 without learning, without eyes.

45、好心有好报 good mind, good find.

46、得饶人处且饶人 forgive others whenever you can.

47、爱屋及乌 love me, love my dog.

48、举动比言语有力 actions speak louder than words.

49、年月不虚度,生命自悠长 life is long, if it is full.

50、既来之则安之 take things as they come.

51、年月不待人 time and tide wait for no one.

52、美德胜于漂亮 virtue is fairer than beauty.

53、不能人人都榜首 all men cannot be first.

54、全部皆有或许 nothing is impossible.

55、自给自足 let's do it by yourselves.

56、记住:面带微笑 remember: keep smile on your face.

57、好书如挚友 a good book is a good friend.

58、杰出的初步是成功的一半 a good beginning is half done.

59、木已成舟 don't cry over split milk.

60、不要泄露秘密 don't put the cat out of the bag.